Safe & Sound Hillsborough’s Goals & Strategic Plans

The Strategic Plan offers a structure to unite the efforts of those involved in criminal justice, economic development, education, community building and health. It was created with the understanding that success is derived from the collective action and alignment of all the sectors. With this commitment to accountability, representatives from multiple committees acknowledged that while their roles might be different, all of the work is complementary and essential to a Safe and Sound Hillsborough.

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The plan is available as a PDF document for reading online or printing:

Support the Health and Well-Being of All Families

  • Mental health support
  • Substance abuse prevention
  • Economic development and job opportunities
  • Successful re-entry
  • Family support services

Cultivate a Connected Community

  • Quality education and school climate
  • Social connections in neighborhoods

Improve Conditions in Neighborhoods Most Impacted by Violence

  • Neighborhood environment
  • Neighborhood environment

Coordinate Efforts to Maximize our Impact

  • Coordinated approach