About Us

How We Got Started

In the summer of 2013, then County Commissioner Kevin Beckner pulled together a think tank of government and elected officials, faith-based leaders, community organizations, law enforcement, school officials, and more to look at how a public health approach could serve as a true violence prevention strategy. Over the next year, the collaborative increased to nearly 300 individuals working together to form the Hillsborough County Violence Prevention Collaborative. In 2015, the collaborative was renamed Safe & Sound Hillsborough and organized under a Leadership Council with Kevin Beckner as its first chairperson. The Leadership Council is comprised of local elected policymakers who establish priorities of the organization. The council includes the Board of County Commissioners, the Mayors of Tampa, Temple Terrace, and Plant City, the Sheriff’s Office, School District, State Attorney, Public Defender, and Thirteenth Judicial Circuit Chief Judge. It also includes diverse community stakeholders serving on subcommittees that provide focus in key areas, including health care, education, community-based organizations, faith groups, public safety/judiciary, and various subject matter experts.

Our Vision, Values, Goals & Strategic Plan

Working together to build strong families, safe schools and healthy neighborhoods.


  • Violence is preventable.
  • Address the gaps to ensure all children and youth have nurturing and supportive families and communities.
  • Build on strengths of youth, families, professionals and community.
  • Promote the value of equity and ensure equal opportunities by investing resources where they will have the greatest impact and improving the infrastructure of neighborhoods where social problems have accumulated.
  • Focus on those at risk due to exposure to child maltreatment, intimate partner violence and community violence.

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan offers a structure to unite the efforts of those involved in criminal justice, economic development, education, community building and health. It was created with the understanding that success is derived from the collective action and alignment of all the sectors. With this commitment to accountability, representatives from multiple committees acknowledged that while their roles might be different, all of the work is complementary and essential to a Safe and Sound Hillsborough.

Support the Health & Well-Being of All Families

  • Mental Health Support
  • Substance Abuse Prevention
  • Economic Development & Job Opportunities
  • Successful Re-Entry
  • Family Support Services

Improve Conditions in Neighborhoods Most Impacted by Violence

  • Neighborhood Environment

Cultivate a Connected Community

  • Quality Education & School Climate
  • Social Connections in Neighborhoods

Coordinate Efforts to Maximize Our Impact

  • Coordinated Approach

Safe & Sound Hillsborough Annual Reports