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Watch the full length short film of Blink below.

17 min
Mar 20, 2023

This short film addresses the critical issue of gun violence in our communities, the choices being made by our youth to pick up firearms and the consequences thereof. Imagine if some of our youth choose a different path. What would it take? Who can help? And where do we begin? These are the questions that will be in the minds of viewers as the short film concludes. In the TalkBack immediately following the screening, we will discuss the film, resources,  and community solutions to help prevent our youth from making these life altering decisions. From parents, other family members, teachers, friends, faith leaders, neighbors, and to our youth themselves, we all have a role to play in preventing one more life from being lost to senseless gun violence.

More and more of our youth are getting access to firearms. This is not a debate about guns, ammunition, or the right to carry. This film is a plea to the greater community to do what it must to save the lives of our youth. Starting with one . . .


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Teaser Trailer


Cast & Crew

Diamante Drayton

 as Jayden

Ysela Williams

as Gloria (Mother)

Isaiah Campbell

 as Marcus

Tyree E Davis, Jr.

as Danny

Leonardo Scattereggia

as Teacher

Greg Cardone

 as Judge

Derrick Perez

 Director & Writer

Freddy Barton

Executive Producer & Writer

Sammecia Bagley


Shannon Davis


LeAnn Flores

Assistant Director

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A Gun Violence Prevention Short Film

about Us

Safe & Sound Hillsborough is a violence prevention collaborative utilizing a public health approach to reducing and preventing violence. Our mission is to work together to build strong families, safe schools and healthy neighborhoods.

Axion Pictures is a professional film and video production company that specializes in producing both creative and visually stunning quality productions.


Optional: In support of gun violence prevention, please consider wearing something orange – an article of clothing, scarf, bracelet, ribbon, etc. to the premiere screening.


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Sammecia Bagley