How We Got Started

The Hillsborough County Community Violence Prevention Collaborative (VPC or Collaborative) was created in the summer of 2013 as an initiative to transform the way local policy makers address violence. This initiative shifts policy from a public safety to a public health model and aligns community and professional stakeholders to develop a comprehensive prevention and intervention approach.

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The Collaborative featured a Leadership Council of local elected policymakers who established priorities – the Board of County Commissioners, the Mayors of Plant City, Tampa, and Temple Terrace, the Sheriff’s Office, School District, State Attorney, Public Defender, and 13th Judicial Circuit Chief Judge. It also included of numerous and diverse community stakeholders who worked on subcommittees that provided focus in key areas, including health care, education, community-based organizations, faith groups, and public safety/judiciary. The VPC retained expert consultants and a professional facilitator to help guide the process.

Through this initiative, a comprehensive strategic plan was developed, along with a branding of the implementation phase as Safe & Sound Hillsborough. The Leadership Council has been expanded to include subject matter experts.