Recognizing that unconscious bias can be overcome by cross-cultural communication; Hillsborough Speaks utilizes innovative communication strategies to foster citizen engagement and dialogue between residents and Law Enforcement to help the city better serve all residents.

Hillsborough Speaks creates safe spaces for authentic dialogue about our experiences of difference, including but not limited to race. By examining existing cultural and systemic structures, the experience increases understanding and positive change within the community. Having these conversations is critical to moving a City forward, bringing the community closer together, and ensuring that the City remains safe, inclusive and accepting of all.

The goal of Hillsborough Speaks is to bring voices to the table that don’t often hear one another – and to create a setting where the truth can be heard – through dialogue not debate. Understanding that relationships across lines of difference are essential for the possibility of social transformation,

Hillsborough Speaks works toward the following goals:

  • Create a safe space for open, honest communication
  • Strengthen interpersonal relationships through the sharing of personal stories and experiences
  • Develop trust and sensitivity to support interactions with one another
  • Expand citizen engagement
  • Increase awareness and understanding of policing practices
  • Strengthen police legitimacy

Event registration is by invitation only due to limited seats available. If you are interested in participating, please email