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MICROSOFT Office PRO Plus 2016

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MICROSOFT Office PRO Plus 2016
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MICROSOFT Office PRO Plus 2016

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Microsoft Office 2016 is a comprehensive platform solution for modern workshops with intelligent employees, groups and business intelligence. You can open your applications and documents anywhere on multiple devices. Known known and trustworthy installed applications – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access.
Always Word, Excel, PowerPoint, the latest installed versions ofOneNote, Outlook, PublisherEn accessThe access to and access to your ideas works best with a keyboard, pen, or touch screen. Microsoft Office 2016 provides new security, compliance, and provisioning capabilities that increase control over confidential information and more flexibility in deployment and administration.

Microsoft has published an office footprint on iPad and Android tablets. Updated office experience on Mac, iPhone and Web Add new ones as wellApplications. They are for the office family with Sway and office. Everything moves your work wherever you make it. Although it took us to the Tuning Office last year on different platforms, the Office of Windows Office is the center of our strategy.

Microsoft Office 2016 Suite has applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Users of Office 2007, Office 2010, Office 365, or Office 2013 can open documents without additional actions. office customers,which use old versions, must have downloaded and installed compatibility packages.

New Microsoft Office 2016:

Your documents everywhere – In all Office 2016 applications, it is easier to use powerful applications to create, open, edit, and save in the cloud, so you can access anywhere and on any device. In addition, new Outlook attachments make it easier to connect OneDrive files and automatically set the recipient’s permissionsto switch to Outlook. So work with you to make it easier for you to share and work together.

Collaboration – A timely desktop calendar is now available in Office Online applications. This experience is run by Windows Desktop, starting with Word. When you and your team edit Word 2016 and / or Office online, you can see them in real-time when other editors are working and writing.

Smart Apps: You’ll learn with applications, tracksand traces to work to support this task. A new search appliance is available in Tell Me, Word, PowerPoint and Excel, the command is valid, exactly what you want to enter. Fatality – A new Exchange feature that connects Outlook – Use the Email Engine Learning Computer to parse and move the priority settings to disable the incoming ship. Bing starts with the experience of the web browser.

Data analysis is fasterand easier – New functional analysis is integrated into Excel. You can get dataFast and easier to extract, plan, analyze and visualize than ever before.

Click on the announcement. Create predictions by clicking on your data series with future trends.

Intuitive data for connection and customization functions Integrated Power QueryUse Excel in your personal learning area when you connect and view all the data in your environment. It containsa wealth of data sources, including websites such as business data, business projects such as SAP BusinessObjects, Hadoop, and services such as Salesforce. Once you have placed all the data in one place, you can quickly customize and combine your business requirements to analyze them in seconds.

Simple data modeling and powerful analysis. PowerPivotNew advanced features, mapping data sets to simplify drag-drop data to create data models,to improve your company’s image. Benefit from intuitive analysis, automated timing, and other features to improve the PivotTable and PivotChart analysis experience. Now, millions of data series to compute data perform a deeper high-speed analysis.

Publish the Microsoft Power BI Preview. Publish and share ExcelWork for Power BI users only.

New modern diagrams and diagrams, TreeMap, Sunburst, Waterfall, Box and Whiskerand Histogram and Pareto Excel help you to present your data in a new way.

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