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KMPlayer 4.1

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KMPlayer 4.1
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KMPlayer 4.1

KMPlayer is a lightweight audio and video player for Windows, which supports a variety of file formats, including AVI, ASF, WMV, AVS, FLV, MKV and many others.


KMPlayer has a small desktop footprint and minimalist interface menjadikanmain video quickly and smoothly. The player interface is durableand have some nice aesthetic touches, such as changing the color of the player with every new song and album vazmozhnosttaAvtomatichno imports.

berbezapilihan htodapamagchy you to take pictures and customize KMPlayer, such as visualizations, additives and playback options. But the beauty of KMPlayer is thatthat they will be included on the request, you do not have to begin with.

KMPlayer also supports 3-Dformat and the opportunity to add album


KMPlayer handles audio and video, and supports a wide obhvatS different formats, which means that after you have determined that you do not needtouch another player.

pembiakanVideovelmi impressive due to the proposed processing tool, which allows you to sharpen, change the image property, apply filters and even make a program for recording video.


jikamencari customizable, lightweight but powerful video player,KMPlayer is exactly what you need.


– Added instant kind.

– Fixed a PoC denial of service (M3U Playlist) – Prepared by Jigsaw (Abdelmorite), KISA

-edited use the default streaming internal splitter (AVI) (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP).

– Fixed a bug in the filter TS.

– SupportFTP-server (UTF-8).

– Additional functions for livepada HTTPS.

– Added function to synchronize subtitles. (Ctrl + Alt +)

– Improved search speed MKV, MP4, FLV.

The new club KMP Connect allows you to share music and videos online withyour friends.