Staff of Safe & Sound Hillsborough

Freddy Barton P2FREDDY BARTON is the Executive Director of Safe & Sound Hillsborough, formerly the Violence Prevention Collaborative of Hillsborough County, a multi-sector, multi-disciplinary approach at reducing and preventing violence utilizing a public health model.  Established in 2013, the collaboration includes the mayors and police departments of Tampa, Plant City, and Temple Terrace; the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office; the School Board of Hillsborough County; the 13th Judicial Circuit Court; the State Attorney’s Office; the Public Defender’s Office; Hillsborough County government; the Children’s Board of Hillsborough County; the Health Department; the University of South Florida; and numerous agencies and faith-based organizations that do vital work in our community. In his role, Freddy works with policy makers, civic and business leaders, residents and community based organizations to mitigate the factors that contribute to violence.  He focuses on community connectedness, bringing residents, businesses and service providers together to address the issues surrounding violence in our communities.


Prior to serving in this role, Freddy served as the Vice-President of Operations for the Corporation to Develop Communities of Tampa, (CDC of Tampa, Inc.), overseeing Housing, Youth Development and Career Services to serve East Tampa and surrounding communities.  During his tenure, Freddy has helped to bring in over $3.8 million in funding from state, local, federal and corporate sources including securing appropriations from the state legislature.  Utilizing over 12 years in Technical and Professional Development, he has created training programs for youth and adults, assisting over 3000 candidates in the Tampa Bay area in job training and technical certification courses.  He has been an adjunct professor and instructor teaching at the collegiate and professional levels in Professional Development as well as Information Technology courses. He has managed training and development programs with a specific emphasis on workforce development and youth programs.  He has worked with state agencies, non-profits and community based organizations all in developing and implementing training programs for at-risk youth.  In addition, he has helped to create programs to employ the hardest to serve including transitional youth and ex-offenders.  In 2012, he laid the groundwork for the opening of Tampa Vocational Institute (TVI), a state of Florida licensed post-secondary educational institution providing short-term vocational training and certification in industries such as Customer Service, Microsoft Applications, Green Trades and Construction.  Since its inception, TVI has graduated 168 students, focusing on transitional youth ages 18-24, with over 80% obtaining gainful employment with an average starting wage of $14.41/hour.


His philosophy in life is simple… “life is rewarding when we share our blessings and talents with others”.  He has worked to create opportunities for those with challenges and barriers to succeed in life.   When not at work, Freddy spends his free time riding motorcycles and spending time with his two sons, TJ and Cameron.